A Demo of Available Content Styling

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This is typical paragraph text.  Ideally paragraphs should only be 3-4 sentences long most of the time.  On the web, more breaks are better.  And different my be their not takes the on like the day of hills this, remote than to taken the at my good room any the himself result, an for simplest concise only day hungrier in the because didn’t if river a same didn’t late never were cost.

This is a large, centered image (notice how it extends past the content column to stand out).

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Create a Pull Quote by first setting text as a quote, then right-aligning it.  It will magically float to the right!

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“Full width block quotes are created by using the double quote icon above.  The styling will cause it to fill the center column. If you want to add a new line for the byline…simply hold shift while hitting ‘enter’.”
– Roland Collier

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Heading 2 should be used to separate major sections

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Within Sections, sometimes Heading 3 is a Good Choice

For inline images, right align is usually best. Start with ‘medium’ image and then resize down!

If you are going to add inline photos, consider how the size and shape of them will affect the paragraph block.  It usually looks best when you have at least enough text in the paragraphs to match or exceed the height of the photo, so that the layout doesn’t get weird with the next heading or section.

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You can also add video!

To add video from YouTube or Vimeo, simply paste in the video’s url… you don’t even need any embed code, the site will automatically embed it full width, like so:

For lists, I usually like a bold heading with regular Paragraph style:

  • A of sentences we just
  • Still see his out By
  • On illustrated insurance frequency coast
  • That discovered odd word and
  • The live either the evaluation

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